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Why Choose MedzDirect?


MedzDirect is a full service retail pharmacy dedicated to addressing the unique medication needs of our patients with an unparalleled quality of care and attention.


MedzDirect is rapidly becoming recognized for our dedication to personal, expert care with:

  • Our pharmacists who always take the time to counsel you

  • Our full selection of branded and generic products

  • Our convenient pharmacy services designed to serve you and your family


Our distinctive pharmacy platform is designed to provide patients with more convenient and accessible services. MedzDirect fully understands the compliance and special medication requirements of our patients and always has medications available for pick-up or FREE delivery.


We focus our efforts on superior patient care and offer additional services such as medication therapy management (MTM), pre-packed medication delivery systems and innovative pharmacy solutions.


MedzDirect gives you the personalized, quality care you need to manage your and your family's health.

Convenient Pick-up and FREE Delivery Services

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