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About MedzDirect

MedzDirect is a full service retail pharmacy dedicated to addressing the medication needs of our patients with unparalleled quality of care.


MedzDirect fully understands the compliance and special medication requirements of our patients and always has medications available.


The principal goal of the MedzDirect pharmacist is to achieve positive outcomes from the use of medication and to improve patients' quality of life.


MedzDirect is committed to offering the most value for patients through top quality products, second to none customer service, and the best prices.

Customized Medications

Our pharmacists will formulate medications that are customized for the unique needs of prescriber's and their patients.

Customer Care

Filling prescriptions at MedzDirect gives you convenience, personal support and access to the medications you need when you need them.


"Great people and service! Everything is on time and hassle-free! Getting my medication mailed to me is next-level customer service. I’ve permanently changed my pharmacy."

C. Benitez

We are licensed and can ship within Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, & Texas. More states coming soon.

MedzDirect pharmacy locations around the United States

You’re just a few moments away from switching to a better, simpler pharmacy. Let’s start with some information.

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