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Patient Consulting

A “consultant” pharmacist is a medication therapy management expert who provides advice on the use of medications by patients, whether they live in the community or in long-term care facilities.

Consultant pharmacists are defined by their common commitment to enhance the quality of care for people through the appropriate use of medication and promotion of healthy living.

How can a consultant pharmacist help? 

A consultant pharmacist can:

• Identify medication-related problems that can cause, aggravate, or contribute to common geriatric problems

• Make it easier for people to take their medication properly by labeling, packaging, and organizing prescription drugs better

• Understand the role of the caregiver, the financial challenges that patients can face, and the importance of choosing appropriate care and medications

• Advocate healthy living and disease prevention for everyone

If you or someone you care for needs assistance with their medications, a consultant pharmacist may be the answer! Our care pharmacists at MedzDirect pharmacy go well beyond reviewing medications. They have studied and acquired extensive knowledge and are here to help you.

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