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Compound Medications

Custom compounding prescriptions requires a trained staff of pharmacists and technicians to prepare compounded medications to strict standards, the right equipment, and specialized processes and facilities.

Over 30 million prescriptions are custom compounded each year because each patient’s health and wellness needs are different, and sometimes the medication that’s available off the shelf won’t do. Other reasons you might need a custom-compounded medication are the medication you need for your condition is discontinued, you are allergic to a preservative, dye or binder that’s part of the medication you need, or you need a tailored dosage strength of a medication (for example, infants need lower dosages). In other cases you can’t take the medication you need in the form in which it’s readily available (e.g., pills are difficult to swallow), or you need to change the flavor of the medication you require so that you or loved one, can take it. Sometimes you just might need a new treatment when other readily available ones have failed.​

If you feel you could benefit from a custom compounded prescription, MedzDirect is here to help answer your questions. We will work with your healthcare practitioner to find a solution to your health and wellness needs.

So What is Custom Compound Medication?

A customized medication prepared by a pharmacist according to a doctor’s specifications to meet an individual patient’s need. Pharmacists make medications from scratch using raw materials, powders and devices.

Compounds are Usually Preservative-Free and Allergy-Free Formulations

At MedzDirect we are able to compound medications without the excipients and preservatives found in most commercial preparations. Suitable replacements free of color, starch, yeast, sugar and preservatives are easily formulated.

If Your Medicines Have Been Discontinued, Compounding is the Way to Go

Hundreds of medicines are voluntarily withdrawn from the marketplace each year. A needed treatment may not be available due to a small market share or lack of profitability. A compounded replacement may be possible.

Compounds for Dosage Variations

A tablet or capsule may need to be converted into a liquid, suppository, cream, gel, candy, or troche form. The exact dosage, or the ideal dosage a patient needs, may not be commercially available. Compounding can provide any dosage form the patient needs.

When Medicines are Not Commercially Available

Many formulations will never be commercially developed due to difficulty in obtaining patents and lack of market demand. Compounding allows for medical treatments that otherwise may not be possible.

Custom Dosage Forms 

MedzDirect’s compounding experience and state-of-the-art facility allow us to compound both traditional and advanced dosage forms. Our compounding practices are USP 795.

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