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Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are dedicated to delivering the most attentive pharmacy customer service and expert care you will find.

The MedzDirect pharmacy team are some of the most accessible and trustworthy healthcare professionals that play a vital role in the halth care system through the medicine and information they provide their patients.

They are always available to help guide you with information that will assist you in best managing your medications and health conditions.

Some of our expertise includes:

Reviewing your medications to help you prevent negative drug interactions or duplicate medications.

Counseling to help you and your family successfully take your medications as prescribed.

Training diabetic patients on testing meters, insulin pumps and other equipment.

Providing recommendations for cold and flu and other minor concerns.

Contact MedzDirect with your medicatioon needs and get to know how your pharmacist can help you best manage your health.

Our dedicated team of pharmacy professionals are committed and now available to serve you.

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